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A 12 year old male is brought to the ED after injuring his forearm rollerblading.  He fell onto his palm and noted pain and a deformity in his forearm.

Examination revealed normal vital signs and findings limited to his left arm.  His clavicle, shoulder, humerus, and hand were non-tender.  He was reluctant to move his shoulder since his forearm was in a splint and sling. There was an obvious angulation at the mid-forearm. He could move all his fingers.  No circulatory or sensory deficits were detected. 

Radiographs of his forearm were obtained.

 The most likely diagnosis is?


A) Galeazzi's fracture

B) Supracondylar fracture

C) Monteggia's fracture

D) Cole's fracture

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A) Galeazzi's fracture