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16 years old female presents to your office with a chief complaint of never having had a menstrual period. She had never had a pelvic exam. Physical exam reveals the following:  (BP110/70, Pulse 72, weight 60kg & Ht172). The patient appears her stated age. Axillary and pubic hair is scant. Breasts are tanner stage IV. External genitalia are normal female. A mass is palpable within the inguinal canal.
Pelvic exam reveals an absent cervix with the vagina ending in a blind pouch. The uterus and ovaries are difficult to delineate. What is the most likely diagnosis?  


a) Hypothalamic amenorrhea.  

b) Prolactin secreting adenoma

c) Polycystic ovarian syndrome  

d) Turner syndrome

e) Androgen insensitivity syndrome
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e) Androgen insensitivity syndrome
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