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A 35-year-o'd patient underwent a segmental jejunal resection...

asked Mar 26, 2014 in General Surgery by Rajesh Bahara
A 35-year-o'd patient underwent a segmental jejunal resection as result of a perforation due to intraperitoneal TB. On the 3rd post operative day, the patient develops a brown -greenish discharge from the wound. This continues with a daily volume of 400-600 ml. The patient remains stable with no signs of peritonitis. The likely complication described is :

a) Wound dehiscence

b) Enterocutanous fistula

c) Wound abscess

d) Stitch sinus

e) Wound seroma

1 Answer

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b) Enterocutanous fistula
answered Mar 26, 2014 by Rajesh Bahara

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