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Male patient diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension...

asked Feb 19, 2014 in Family Medicine/Stats by Rajesh Bahara
Male patient diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension, which one of anti-hypertensive medication you want to add first?

a) ACE

b) Beta blocker

c) Calcium channel blocker

d) Alpha blocker

2 Answers

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a) ACE
answered Feb 19, 2014 by Rajesh Bahara
commented Feb 19, 2014 by anonymous
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Avoid proteinuria has been newly added target. This is achieved by lowering blood pressure and RAAS blockade, effects achieved as already cited with these drugs. In the glomeruli of diabetic patients increases the pressure and, furthermore, the podocytes are dysfunctional and, regulating the passage of the filtrate proteins begin to accumulate in the basal membrane and this promotes fibrosis. By using the efferent arteriole ACEI and low pressure dilates glomerulus and also to block the RAAS antifibrotic effect is markedly. The RAAS blockade has proven effective on vascular protection and restoration of endothelial function.
answered Feb 19, 2014 by Emilio