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A previously healthy 18-month-old his family notices the sudden onset of coughing...

asked Jun 22, 2015 in Otolaryngology by Rajesh Bahara

A previously healthy 18-month-old has been in a separate room from his family. The family notices the sudden onset of coughing, which resolves over a few minutes. Subsequently, the patient appears to be normal except for increased amounts of drooling and refusal to take foods orally. The most likely explanation for this toddler’s condition is

  1. Severe gastroesophageal reflux

  2. Foreign body in the airway

  3. Croup

  4. Epiglottitis

  5. Foreign body in the esophagus 


1 Answer

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e. Foreign body in the esophagus
answered Jun 22, 2015 by Rajesh Bahara