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An 18-month-old male with a brief episode of tonic–clonic extremity movements...

asked May 21, 2014 in Pediatrics by Rajesh Bahara

An 18-month-old male is brought to the ED for evaluation of a brief episode of tonic–clonic extremity movements immediately after a spanking in the grocery store. The child reportedly screamed, became limp and pale, fell to the ground, and exhibited the unusual movements. The episode lasted about 1 min and occurred about 30 min before. The toddler is now interactive, appears healthy, and has normal vital signs. What is the MOST likely diagnosis?

(A) Breath-holding spell
(B) Head trauma
(C) Toxic ingestion
(D) Prolonged QT syndrome
(E) Idiopathic (afebrile) seizure of childhood 


1 Answer

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(A) Breath-holding spell
answered May 21, 2014 by Rajesh Bahara

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