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A 75-year-old male is brought for evaluation of altered level of consciousness...

asked May 20, 2014 in Medicine by Rajesh Bahara

A 75-year-old male is brought to the ED by his son- in-law for evaluation of altered level of consciousness. The patient has reportedly been bedridden for 2 days. Examination shows advanced sacral decubitus ulcers and bilateral ecchymoses of the upper arms. The son-in- law and the daughter both live with the patient. The son-in-law reports that the patient has been increasingly paranoid in recent weeks, with delusions of poisoning. What is the MOST likely diagnosis?

(A) Urosepsis

(B) Elder abuse

(C) Dementia

(D) Alcohol withdrawal

(E) Medication side effect

1 Answer

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(B) Elder abuse
answered May 20, 2014 by Rajesh Bahara